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Lisboa TC. Ouse saber, ouse começar! Boas-vindas ao novo corpo editorial da RBTI. Rev Bras Ter Intensiva. 2015;27(4):301-302



Dare to know, dare to begin! A welcome to the new editorial board of RBTI

Ouse saber, ouse começar! Boas-vindas ao novo corpo editorial da RBTI

Thiago Costa Lisboa


“Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet; sapere aude, incipe.” (“He who has begun is half done; dare to know, dare to begin!”) Horace (“Epistulae” approximately 20 a.C.)

This issue marks a change in the editorial board of our journal, Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensia (RBTI). We have celebrated several achievements during the past few years such as obtaining inclusion in the SciELO and PubMed databases, which had a huge impact on the visibility of our journal. Our journal is the leading journal in critical care in Portuguese and now attracts manuscripts from Latin America and other regions of the globe. Additionally, RBTI became the official journal for the Portuguese Society of Intensive Care (Sociedade Portuguesa de Cuidados Intensivos - SPCI). Now, we face a huge new challenge for the new editorial board over the next four years: improving our citation index and impact factor. To achieve this goal, we have enlarged our editorial board with a range of experienced professionals whose willingness and scientific skills will guarantee the continuous improvement of the journal. Our submissions are increasing every year. We expect that citations of our papers and recognition of the journal in the international community will soon increase. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, including rapid review of manuscripts, responsiveness to both authors’ and reviewers’ concerns, timely/rapid publication of manuscripts online, and enhancing the journal’s visibility and broadening its impact.

Brazil is currently among the top three countries in intensive care unit bed availability, with approximately 30,000 beds. The critical care community in Brazil is increasingly organized and now consists of almost 6000 board-certified physicians; the number of multidisciplinary teams is also increasing. Collaboration between researchers from different institutions is increasing, with relevance and impact on the development of Brazilian studies. Knowledge production in critical care is increasing in Brazil, and our journal should maintain its role as an instrument for disclosing specific and relevant aspects of this science. Additionally, Portugal has a solid scientific tradition and several researchers, with a huge potential for high-quality articles in this journal. Our goals include making the journal an international reference for critical care, attracting manuscripts from the international community and maintaining the journal’s role as an important instrument for the dissemination of knowledge in the Portuguese community around the globe. So, inspired by Horace, the Roman poet, let us dare to know, dare to discover and dare to achieve our goals with continuous improvement in the quality of our process and our journal in the next four years.

Following is a list of the members of our new Editorial Board. We welcome them as part of our journey on the road to RBTI’s excellence.


Thiago Lisboa

Associate Editors

Flavia Machado, Felipe Dal Pizzol, Gilberto Friedman, Jefferson Piva, Rui Moreno, Luciano Azevedo, Jorge Salluh

Session Editors

Hemodynamics: Glauco Westphal; Mechanical Ventilation: Alexandre Biasi; Neonatology and Pediatrics: Werther Brunow de Carvalho; Sepsis and Infection: Pedro Povoa; Organization: Marcio Soares; Epidemiology: Leandro Taniguchi

Thiago Costa Lisboa

New Editor-in-Chief

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