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Machado FR. Novos desafios.... Rev Bras Ter Intensiva. 2010;22(1):3-4




New challenges...

Novos desafios...

Flávia Ribeiro Machado



Life offers challenges. Some of them are easier, others tougher. This I was now offered certainly belongs to the complex group, for a number of reasons.

Perhaps the first one, I have to replace Dr. Gilberto Friedman. His name is currently mixed together with the RBTI name, due to his fundamental role conducting this Journal for the last years. During this period of time, RBTI was deeply restructured, growing in quality, issue after issue, under Dr. Gilberto's leadership, supported by the team he chose. Dr. Gilberto's both national and international network attracted well respected names to join our current editorial board. All these years' efforts were finally rewarded by the Medline submission!

This is another reason why this is a huge challenge. The last January's Medline submission was just the first step - the most important one, for sure, but not the only step. After the submission, RBTI will be under both quality and periodicity evaluation for about one year, before a final decision is made. Thus, we have now the target, or better, the challenge, to produce this year's issues not only keeping the previous quality, but eventually improving it!

So, here is the third challenge: to motivate our current intensive care researchers to submit their manuscripts. RBTI would really appreciate to have these investigators' support. We need quality papers to guarantee this new phase success, and then be able to submit our manuscripts to a Brazilian Medline indexed journal exclusively dedicated to intensive care. This a still open niche, both in Brazil and Latin America.

A large portion of our production in intensive care research, regarding Medline publications, is currently carried to generic journals. This is also true for our colleagues from other countries in this continent. To have this option, a Brazilian Medline indexed journal dedicated to intensive care, is a common dream, shared by many of us. Now, to make this dream become true, we have to submit our good manuscripts.

We know how this process is difficult. We know how all groups involved with CAPES post-graduation programs have to prove their high-quality scientific production to guarantee their ratings; and this involves Medline journals publications. The current CAPES Qualis program rendered Brazilian journals life difficult, as we can see in some recent editorials.(1,2) Nevertheless, let's have in mind that RBTI is a B2 journal for Nursing, B4 for Medicine I, II and III, Psychology, Dentistry, Engineering III, Collective Health and B5 for Food Sciences.(3) This means: even in this current status, our journal can contribute for the courses productivity. With the future (we hope) Medline indexation, this rating will be even better.

During these two years serving as Scientific Editor for RBTI, we have tried to optimize our internal workflow in order to produce articles with both appropriate scientific quality and format. For this we relied on a team we would like to acknowledge. Our Journal secretary, Sônia Elisabete Gaion (mostly known as Bete), has been absolutely amazing on all tasks coordination. I am sure our authors and reviewers will join me acknowledging her kindness. Less known by our collaborators, but as serviceable and committed to our success, our technical reviewer Edna Rother, our current translator Miguel Herrera, our previous translator Eugenia Deheinzelin, and the responsible-journalist Marcelo Sassine complete this supportive team to make today's RBTI: a nice journal, with indisputable graphic quality and pleasantly readable. To all I offer my gratitude for the last two years.

In summary, I would like to say that I am delighted to take over this challenge! It is a privilege to contribute with this journal. Additionally, I accepted this task sure of having a harmonious team, including here our Associate Editors, focused on one target: to internationalize our RBTI!


Kind regards,

Flávia Ribeiro Machado
Editor in Chief



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