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Friedman G. O balanço final e o "bem vindo". Rev Bras Ter Intensiva. 2010;22(1):1-2




Final balance and "welcome"

O balanço final e o "bem vindo"

Gilberto Friedman



Six years are gone. We took over RBTI from the second half 2003, still during President Jairo Bitencourt Othero mandate. Already in my first Editorial I took the responsibility of seeking Scielo.(1) We were conscious that RBTI needs visibility, and specially to have a quality assurance. Since then we promoted changes, and the RBTI restructure started with peer review implementation and the editorial board reformulation. I claimed that Brazilian scientific production could support our eager for a strong Journal. Our community took up the glove, and Prof. Renato Terzi, one of our most important collaborators wrote: "Finally we will all be proud of AMIB and its Journal."(2) In 2004 we started searching the "stored in drawers" scientific production. We pulled intensivists and intensive care partners ears and asked: Is the indexation feasible? Why Brazilians do not publish?(3) After one year, the progress was visible. From five articles and one case report we reached sixteen articles and one case report. We glimpsed indexation in the Scielo database and stated: "we are in a good way."(4) We packed on sail and went for the indexation.(5) In 2006, after 2 and a half years we were rewarded, and RBTI was included in the Scielo database - a record!(6) Thanks to Evanilde Bronholi, our secretary then. Thanks to José Maria Orlando, President of AMIB, for his support. In that Editorial we gave a clue that we wished more, and talked on internationalizing RBTI. The first promises were accomplished, and this was only possible with the support of many people, but Jefferson Piva, Marcio Soares, Jorge Salluh and Renato Terzi were the closer cooperators.(7) RBTI was not accommodated, neither was our AMIB, and for the first time in AMIB history we saw an elective dispute. Nothing better to stimulate searching something bigger and better.(8) Our AMIB became bolder and consequently, our RBTI. President Alvaro Rea Neto since the very first day demanded on our plans to internationalize RBTI. The journal was restructured again. Flavia Ribeiro Machado joined us as Publications Division Director. We hired an exclusive secretary: Bete. We offered English translation, and started the RBTI reformulation process, according to international standards and supported by professionals. A new close collaborator joined us, Felipe Dal Pizzol. RBTI is ambitious! Nothing of this would be possible without the help of many, who I honor mentioning my precedent editors: Avelino Medina, Paulo Gabriel Bastos, Rachel Moritz and Cleovaldo Pinheiro.(9) Did somebody mention RBTI internationalization? Well, we submitted RBTI for appreciation by Medline early this 2010. Nothing better to fulfill an Editor's promises; and I am quite sure that our Journal will be well evaluated. So, don't be surprised when you navigate PubMed if your search finds RBTI. This is how we pass the baton. The new editor is Flavia Ribeiro Machado, who will be in charge until we define how future RBTI editors will be chosen, another promise we plan fulfilling before this year end. Six years have gone, but I am not sad. I will remain close to RBTI as one of the associate-editors. Let's welcome Flavia, and who else wants joining our team. Please, fly our flag!


Hugs and a happy 2010.
Gilberto Friedman



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