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Friedman G. A RBTI é ambiciosa!. Rev Bras Ter Intensiva. 2008;20(3):vii




RBTI is ambitious!

A RBTI é ambiciosa!

Gilberto Friedman



Dear readers

RBTI is undergoing a new phase of improvements. The first phase included editorial reorganization with the qualification of the editorial board and reviewer team, implementation of a secretarial office and a strong campaign to attract benchmark articles. After three years of this strategy we received the SciElo quality certification. Furthermore, last year we created and launched our portal warranting a survey for articles. The past Board of Directors headed by President José Maria da Costa Orland was loyal to these objectives and I can only acknowledge the support received. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Evanilde Bronholi, our secretary during these accomplishments and whose work was fundamental in reaching our goals.

The new Board reinstated the same leadership to continue steering RBTI. President Álvaro Réa-Neto calls for new challenges. RBTI aims to be indexed in international agencies and is directed towards internationalization of the journal. This second phase is no more difficult than the previous, but the scope is much broader.

During the entire first half of the year, a series of procedures were restructured to enable a globalized RBTI. With the support of our friend Flávia Machado, publication director, who coordinated the restructuring efforts, there are abundant reasons for optimism. We hired a new secretary, Bete, present at headquarters every day to help us, as well as all users of RBTI. Since the second issue, RBTI is published in English. Translation is offered to all authors who submit their manuscripts. As if this were not enough, we had to reformat the journal itself to adjust RBTI to international standards. A staff of experienced librarians was hired to review and format the RBTI, starting from the cover. Some of these changes can already be seen in the current issue.

Of course our enthusiasm surpassed the velocity to implement some of these procedures so that the portal including electronic submission has not yet been implemented.

Over this second half of the year, we shall conclude the proposed change and strive for indexation in 2009. We are absolutely optimistic. Few believed that RBTI would attain such status in only four years. This is not a political accomplishment, but associative and strengthens our AMIB as the legitimate representative of intensivist physicians and partners that care for critically ill patients.

All the best and enjoy your reading,


Gilberto Friedman
Chief Editor



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